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Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to equip students with cutting-edge skills in the dynamic field of computing. From foundational knowledge to advanced expertise, our diverse academic offerings cater to a broad spectrum of interests and career goals.


The Department of Education offers a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program, dedicated to preparing aspiring educators for a fulfilling career in teaching. This program is meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of theories, instructional methodologies, and practical teaching skills.


The Department of Languages is a vibrant hub dedicated to fostering linguistic diversity and proficiency. Our comprehensive range of language programs includes both Certificate and Diploma offerings, providing students with the opportunity to explore and master a multitude of languages.


The Department of Humanities is a dynamic and diverse academic hub that offers a wide array of Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) programs. Comprising a rich tapestry of disciplines, our department is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals with a deep understanding of human culture, society, and thought.

Yoga and Yogadarshan

The Department of Yoga and Yogadarshan is dedicated to the holistic well-being of individuals through the exploration and practice of yoga. Our comprehensive range of programs encompasses various levels, from foundational courses to advanced degrees, offering a transformative journey for those passionate about the ancient science of yoga.

Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts is a vibrant and dynamic space that celebrates the diverse expressions of creativity across a spectrum of visual and performing arts. Our programs cater to individuals passionate about cultivating their artistic talents, providing a comprehensive and transformative journey in the field of Fine Arts.


The Department of Hospitality Management is dedicated to shaping the future leaders of the dynamic and ever-evolving hospitality industry. Our range of programs, from Certificate to Master's level, prepares students for successful careers in managing and leading hospitality enterprises.

Mass Communication

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is a dynamic and forward-thinking academic space that prepares students for a vibrant and evolving media landscape. Offering a range of programs from Diploma to Master's level, our department focuses on equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the dynamic world of journalism and mass communication.


The Department of Ayurveda is dedicated to the holistic well-being of individuals through the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic science. Our comprehensive range of programs, spanning from Certificate to Bachelor's level, reflects our commitment to providing a thorough understanding of Ayurveda and its practical applications.


The Department of Astrology is dedicated to the profound exploration of ancient sciences that delve into the mysteries of the cosmos and its impact on human life. Our diverse range of programs, from Certificate to Master's level, is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in various branches of astrology.

Sanskrit Sahitya

The Department of Sanskrit Sahitya is dedicated to the preservation, study, and appreciation of the rich cultural and literary heritage found in the classical language of Sanskrit. Our programs, ranging from Certificate to Master's level, offer a comprehensive exploration of Sanskrit literature, language, and cultural aspects.

Vedic Literature

The Department of Vedic Literature is a hub for the in-depth study and exploration of the ancient Vedic texts that form the foundation of Indian philosophy, spirituality, and cultural heritage. Our programs, ranging from Bachelor's to Master's level, provide students with a profound understanding of Vedic literature and its various branches.

Ph.D. Research program

The Ph.D. Research program is a pinnacle of academic excellence, offering a transformative journey for scholars dedicated to advancing knowledge in their respective fields. With a commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and scholarly exploration, our Ph.D. program spans various departments, providing a multidisciplinary platform for advanced research.